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The company runs on a simple mission of spreading smiles one samosa at a time! Each hand-crafted samosa nurturing authenticity, flavors, quality ingredients and special condiments, cooked to perfection.

For some it is nostalgic, with every crackling bite traveling down the memory lane where every road leads to several tiny specialty shops serving this unique delicacy to be enjoyed with Chai or coffee or as a standalone “Cha(a)t” snack. Samosa gave reason to come together and share endless stories about the day, family, work, weather and what not…to forget all the worries and enjoy the moment. 


For those who are just starting to relish this universal delicacy, be prepared to be drawn to the magic of crusty bite filled with the best ingredients and fresh condiments. For us, it’s one of those aromas that evokes strong memories of India, particularly of family, friends, childhood and comfort. Order Online our freshly cooked pockets of happiness and indulge in some nostalgia.


We are serious with our pledge to serve fresh and hence we donate all Samosas not sold by the end of the day to a local charity. It's how we promise that every bite of what we do will be a celebration of fresh, just for you.

The idea for Seattle Samosa sparked from the slopes of Mount Rainier with my hike and snowshoeing trips. After the exhausting miles and miles of hike, I always looked for some comfort food to enjoy with my partner but either it was made bulk with monotone flavors or not fresh. I missed the warmth and aroma of quality ingredients. My cravings led me to perfect the grandma recipe of not only traditional but also a wide variety of samosas.

With every bite, I summoned the perfection of the natural ingredients. With every ingredient hand-picked, toasted to perfect aromatic flavors, I fell in love with the entire process. Here I am taking my little perfection of Indian delicacy to you that deserves to be enjoyed around the globe.

Techie myself, each day revolves around making the process technologically advanced by bringing in less touch points and perfecting the recipe to keep the taste intact and resolving challenges as we move along in this journey.

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